About Sno-Valley Farms Inc.

In 1912, Fred and Agnes Bartelheimer left Nebraska with their four children. They loaded their livestock and belongings on a rail car and headed to Snohomish, Washington. They purchased some acreage within the river valley and began to clear the brush and farm around the stumps.Today, Dan and Judy Bartelheimer (third generation) and Peter and Kyla Bartelheimer (fourth generation) continue to farm in the Snohomish River valley as Sno-Valley Farms, Inc.
Our mission is to provide the highest quality product at a fair price. We realize that each of us will be here for just a short period but the soil should be here for future generations.  We challenge ourselves to love and respect God's creation and be good stewards. The livestock are raised humanly without the use of steroids or antibiotics.
Sno-Valley Farms Inc. is an active member in the Snohomish County Farm Bureau and are committed in helping promote responsible stewardship and preserving farm lands.