Hay & Haylage

  • How much do they weigh?

    • They weigh +/- 80 lbs​

  • Is the hay local?

    • All of the hay is locally grown in Snohomish County.​

  • How much do the bales cost?​

    • The cost of each bale varies from $11-13 depending on the quality. ​

  • Do you deliver?

  • How much do the bales weigh?

    • Haylage bales weigh +/- 1200 lbs​

    • Oatlage bales weigh +/- 1200 lbs

    • Dry wrapped bales weigh +/- 600 lbs​​

  • What is Haylage?​

    • Haylage is high moisture grass that goes through a natural fermentation process. Haylage is typically 30-40% moisture. 

    • Oatlage is oats that have been cut and wrapped and is typically 30-40% moisture. 

  • What is a dry wrapped bale?​

    • A dry wrapped bale is bale that has a moisture level between 12-25%.​

  • What cutting of grass is the Haylage?​

    • The haylage is typically the 1st and last cuttings of the season. ​

  • How much do the bales cost?​

    • Haylage, dry wrapped hay, oatlage bales cost​ $50 - $60 per bale sale tax included. There is a price break on quantity-call for details.

  • Do you deliver?

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