Our meat is all raised humanely and is all natural meaning no antibiotics of steroids. We sell the meat by the 1/8, 1/4 or 1/2 and our prices are based on the hanging weight lb. and does not include the cutting and wrapping. We feel that it is important to provide our customers with a great quality and healthy meats. 

We humanely raise Black Angus. Our beef is all natural and grass fed and finished. The Angus spend the spring till mid fall roaming the pasture and are brought into the barns during winter.  When they are not grazing in the pasture they are feeding on our local grown hay and haylage.   Our beef is available by the eighth, quarter, half or whole.  The quarters typically weigh +/- 200lbs hanging weight. We require a $200 deposit per quarter.

Our pigs are raised in our barn with lots of room to be free. They have lots of clean bedding and have access to a mud area to play and stay cool when it is hot.  They are free of steroids, hormones and antibiotics. Our pork is available by the half or whole. The half typically weighs +/- 95 lbs hanging weight. We require a $100 deposit per side.  

Locker Meat Buying Guide:

1. Place your order – Butcher date will be coordinated with us directly.

2. Pay your deposit. All prices are based on hanging weight lb.

3. Once the meat has been processed you will receive a final invoice from Sno-Valley Farms. This invoice will include the butcher's contact information so you can give them your cutting and wrapping instructions.

4. Pay your final invoice to the farm.

5. Pick up your meat and pay for the cutting and wrapping.

FAQs About Purchasing Meat From Sno-Valley Farms

What does hanging weight lb mean?

Hanging weight is the weight of the beef animal after it has been field dressed but before it has been aged, cut, packaged and frozen. Your final cut and wrapped weight is +/- 60% of the hanging weight depending on how you have it cut and wrapped.

How much freezer space do I need?

Typical for a 1⁄4 beef you will need about 6 cubic feet of freezer space, for 1⁄2 beef you will need about 12 cubic feet, and so on.